02nd Aug2013

Episode 50 – To Hell & Back with Mike Mignola!

by Chris Thompson

With Mike Mignola …
It’s a very exciting week as the Pop Culture Hound podcast hits the magic number 50! After 49 episodes, one special (with Alan Moore, no less) and a half-episode earlier this week, we’ve finally reached the half-century on our way to 100. To celebrate, I’ve pulled out all the stops to continue my run of stellar guests with someone I’ve been looking forward to … Mike Mignola. If you’ve been listening to the show you’ll know just how much I’ve enjoyed what Mike, and Dark Horse Comics, have been doing in recent times.
So sit back and relax as I chat with Mike Mignola about his work on Hellboy and the wider ‘Mignola-verse’. Find out how he got started, what he’d do if he were starting out now, how Hellboy came to be, and why it’s expanded. Plus we discuss his various collaborations with writers and artists, how he approaches his work, what drove him to pursue creator-owned, and how he actually feels about the ‘Mignola-verse’ tag. It’s a fascinating discussion, which had me as rapt as I hope you will be.
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