14th Jul2013

Episode 48 – Going West with Michael Moreci & Drew Zucker!

by Chris Thompson

With Michael Moreci & Drew Zucker …
This week I have a special guest co-host in the form of ‘That Fred Girl’ Nicole Rodrigues. First up we take cover with Ed Brisson, Johnnie Christmas & Shari Chankhamma’s Sheltered #1 from Image Comics; then take a shot at Si Spurrier & Jeff Stokely’s Six-Gun Gorilla #2 from Boom Studios. From there we scare up some discussion about Joshua Williamson & Goran Sudzuka’s Ghosted #1 from Image/Skybound Entertainment; and discuss Michael Moreci & Drew Zucker’s brutal Western saga Skybreaker from Monkeybrain Comics.
If that’s not enough I also chat with Michael & Drew about their work on Skybreaker, and what the experience has taught them so far. We delve into their approach to the old West, why it ended up at Monkeybrain, how long it takes to work on each issue, and what’s coming up next. Plus, as part of our live recording at the Silver Snail in Toronto, I chat with actress Trenna Keating who was there to meet fans of her new Syfy series, Defiance. It’s a jam-packed episode and things are only getting bigger as we head towards SDCC next week!
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