14th Jan2015

PCH @ The Movies – Beyond Clueless with Charlie Lyne!

by Chris Thompson

With Charlie Lyne, writer/director of Beyond Clueless …
After my original film-based podcast with Graham Reynolds to discuss his work scoring Richard Linklater’s brilliant Before Midnight (which you can still listen to here), this time I’m back with director Charlie Lyne to examine his debut feature, Beyond Clueless. Narrated by The Craft‘s Fairuza Balk, the film offers an intelligent dissection of the teen film genre – peeling back the many layers to expose what lies beneath.
Charlie, known primarily for his work with Ultra Culture & The Guardian, has created a tight film that will leave you questioning the teen flicks you’ve previously taken for granted. Featuring a score by indie darlings Summer Camp, Beyond Clueless shines a light on this shadowy and less-explored aspect of cinema.
Charlie kindly agreed to chat with me about how he first started out as a film critic, what steps he took to make his dreams come true, and how he brought Beyond Clueless from concept to creation. It’s a fascinating glimpse into another world, but all done with the usual PCH flair and style. I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure into the world of film.
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