09th Oct2015

Episode 151 – A Meeting of Oddfellows with Jack Logan!

by Chris Thompson

With Jack Logan …
After last week’s landmark 150th episode with Fight Club 2‘s Chuck Palahniuk, I’ve stripped things back for a somewhat more personal show paying tribute to one of my favourite bands: R.E.M. Planning the schedule, I realised Episode 151 was looming, which got me thinking about their classic song Oddfellows Local 151 from the album Document [1989].
By my reckoning – and given the incredible crossover between comics and music – I assumed at least one of the band members must be a comic fan, and maybe I could get them on the show. Despite the odd murmur, that search didn’t bear its intended fruit, but along the way I discovered the work of singer-songwriter and cartoonist Jack Logan.
Jack, as it turns out, was a largely unsung hero of the Athens, Georgia music scene, which had spawned R.E.M. as well as being a hotbed for creative talent. His eponymous Pete Buck Comics (inspired by the band’s famed guitarist) are still highly sought after today, though Jack has now made them available through his website Jack Logan’s Mysterious Basement.
I hope you’ll enjoy this special episode, which serves as a personal document of where music and comics meet for both of us. Jack opens up about where his love of the two began, the many paths his career has taken over the years since, and what future plans he may have for Pete Buck and his other art projects.
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