07th Jul2013

Episode 47 – Comics as a Catalyst with Joe Casey!

by Chris Thompson

With Joe Casey …
It’s a big week as Taylor & I tackle not one, not two, not three, but FOUR hot new books. First up we take a look at Jeremy Holt & Kevin Zeigler’s After Houdini #1; then dive into Ryan K. Lindsay & Daniel Logan’s Ghost Town #2 from Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint; and finally turn our attention to Rachel Deering & Chris Mooneyham’s Anthema #1-3 from comiXology Submit. But it doesn’t end there, we also delve into Joe Casey, Dan McDaid, Paul Maybury & Ulises Farinas’ Catalyst Comix #1 from Dark Horse Comics.
We then bid a fond farewell to Taylor, who is moving on to other things, and chat with Catalyst Comix writer Joe Casey. We talk in-depth about his work with Man Of Action, what it’s like to juggle comics & television, his ongoing fascination with superheroes, and what keeps him coming back to comics. Plus we get his opinion on The Big Two, digital comics, the direct market, and more. If you’re keen to explore the medium and challenge your point of view, then it’s fascinating stuff.
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