08th Jul2015

Episode 137 – Ant-Man Review plus Traditional vs. Digital Art!

by Chris Thompson

With Ant-Man, Adi Granov, Dave Kendall & Guillermo Ortego …
Following on from last week’s chat with Charlie Adlard, this week I’m back with an early review of the new Ant-Man film – plus the Traditional vs. Digital Art panel from last year’s NICE convention in Bedford with Adi Granov, Dave Kendall & Guillermo Ortego.
First up, Chad Armstrong joins me again to delve into the world of cinema with Marvel Studios‘ new Ant-Man feature film. Does it measure up to size or is it more of a shrinking violet? Find out right here.
Then I present the Traditional vs. Digital Art panel from last year’s NICE convention, where we talk about the artists’ differing approaches to work, how they switch between mediums, and what benefits each brings.
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