30th Mar2015

Episode 123 – The Real/Fake Geeks Debut with a Boom!

by Chris Thompson

With Maria Norris …
After last week’s episode with Nick Roche & Scott McCloud, this time I’m back with a brand new segment we’re calling The Real/Fake Geeks. Each month (or thereabouts) Maria Norris & I will create a primer based around a particular company, character or event.
In this first instalment, I interview Maria about her experience with comics – giving you a little background on where she’s come from – then we take a look at Boom! Studios burgeoning Boom! Box imprint and what that entails.
We discuss the ways in which comics (and the associated community) are diversifying, what impact these changes are having, and how companies like Boom! are addressing them – particularly in terms of their mandate to ‘Push Comics Forward’.
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