29th Jul2015

Episode 140 – Nick & Zack Keller, Chris Emgard & many more!

by Chris Thompson

With Nick & Zack Keller, Chris Emgard, Man Vs. Rock, Phil Kim & Jason Lenzi …
After last week’s SDCC round-up with James, Liz & Karl, it’s time for a jam-packed SDCC extravaganza as I sit down to chat with Nick & Zack Keller (Death Head), Chris Emgard (Mirror’s Edge: Exordium), Victor De Troy & Kevin Bieber (Man Vs. Rock), Phil Kim (Famous Monsters) and Jason Lenzi (co-founder of Bif Bang Pow!) – whew!
First up I spend time at the Dark Horse stand with Nick & Zack, followed by Chris; then I discover Victor & Kevin in the Small Press aisles; meet up with Phil at the Famous Monsters/American Gothic Press booth; and finish off at the Entertainment Earth booth with Jason. It’s a wonderful and varied series of talks with as much depth as we could manage in the time.
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