08th Aug2013

Episode 51 – Sunday Morning Service with Andy Belanger!

by Chris Thompson

With Andy Belanger …
After last week’s monumental 50th episode (which you can listen to right here), I finish up my San Diego Comic-Con coverage with a special interview conducted over breakfast with Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare, Bottle Of Awesome, Black Church). As with previous SDCC interviews, this is raw and unedited with a lot of ambient noise – but it’s more in keeping with the usual long-form discussion you’ve come to expect from Pop Culture Hound.
So settle in as Andy & I discuss his approach to storytelling, how he got started in comics, what motivates and inspires him, and explore some of the deeper subtext to be found in his work. We also delve into his work on Kill Shakespeare and look at how that’s evolved from the initial 12-issue series to the current 5-issue run.
Plus we tackle other questions like: Where did he find the amazing and talented Shari Chankhamma? What’s it like working with Conor McCreery & Anthony Del Col? How does it feel to have a whole generation of students base their image of Shakespearean icons on his work? And what does he really think about under-age drinking? It’s a fun interview filled with plenty of laughs and a few surprises – but seriously, would you expect anything less?
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