27th Aug2012

Episode 4 – with Eliza Frye, Sarah Becan & The 315!

by Chris Thompson

With Eliza Frye, Sarah Becan & The 315 …
This episode continues my aural adventures at San Diego Comic-Con 2012.
First up, I chat with independent creators Eliza Frye and Sarah Becan who were both able to publish their latest work through successful Kickstarter campaigns.
Taylor and I then peel back the layers of the books (Regalia and Shuteye) only to discover – yet again – that we’ve approached them from different angles.
Finally, I present my lengthy interview with Matt Heistand and Dan Fifield of the ThreeOneFive at the rather noisy Dick’s Last Resort. We discuss their web series Deep Dive Daredevils, working on back-ups for Joe Keatinge’s Hell Yeah! and why it takes three guys to write a comic.
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