16th May2016

Remembering Darwyn Cooke: 1962-2016

It would be disingenuous to say that I knew Darwyn Cooke well … but I did spend a lot of time with him at The Lakes Comic...

13th May2016

Episode 193 – Visions of Utopia with Bryan & Mary Talbot!

With Bryan & Mary Talbot …   This week Chris & Karl join Bryan & Mary Talbot at the pub to discuss their new book, The Red...

10th May2016

PCH @ The Movies – Lloyd Kaufman & The Toxic Avenger!

With Lloyd Kaufman & Friends …   Following slowly behind my last film-based podcast with Ex Machina‘s Alex Garland (which you can still listen to here), this...

06th May2016

Episode 192 – Looking Back at ROM Spaceknight!

With Ant, Rob & ROM …   This week Ant & Rob return to join Chris for a discussion about the legendary ROM Spaceknight series from Marvel...

03rd May2016

Director’s Commentary – Craig Thompson on Space Dumplins!

With Craig Thompson …   In one of our most exciting commentaries to date, Craig Thompson draws back the curtain to give a behind the scenes peek...

29th Apr2016

Episode 191 – Taking On The One% with Kaare Andrews!

With Kaare Andrews …   Just in time for the release of his new creator-owned series Renato Jones: The One% from Image Comics, Chris catches up with...

26th Apr2016

Episode 190 – Miceal Beausang-O’Griafa at Angoulême!

With Miceal Beausang-O’Griafa …   Our Angoulême coverage comes to a triumphant close as Chris meets with Miceal Beausang-O’Griafa after the show. They discuss Miceal’s rich history...

22nd Apr2016

Episode 189 – Jean Yves Mitton & The Silver Surfer!

With Jean Yves Mitton …   In the penultimate episode of our extensive Angoulême coverage, Chris & Karl sit down to discuss Jean Yves Mitton and his...

19th Apr2016

Episode 188 – Zeina Abirached & Josh Elder at Angoulême!

With Zeina Abirached & Josh Elder …   This year’s Angoulême coverages heads toward its epic conclusion as Chris meets two very different creators: Zeina Abirached (Le...

15th Apr2016

Episode 187 – Marcelino Truong at Angoulême!

With Marcelino Truong …   This week Chris sits down with Marcelino Truong to discuss his graphic novels, Such A Lovely Little War & Give Peace A...