22nd Nov2016

Episode 220 – There’s No Time Like The Present with Paul Rainey!

With Paul Rainey …   After poring through the archives, we’ve decided to start Double-Down December a little early … so from now until the end of...

18th Nov2016

Episode 219 – Beyond The Box: Where Comics & TV Meet!

With Charlie Adlard, Rebekah Isaacs, Will Simpson & John Paul Bove …   In the lead up to next month’s Malta Comic Con, here is Chris’ discussion...

11th Nov2016

Episode 218 – David Hine & Mark Stafford: The Men Who Laugh!

With David Hine & Mark Stafford …   This week we present Chris’ discussion with creators David Hine (Bulletproof Coffin, Strange Embrace) & Mark Stafford (Cherubs, The...

08th Nov2016

Episode 217 – Tracing the Incredible Career of Mark Farmer!

With Mark Farmer …   Ahead of next month’s Malta Comic Con, Chris presents his interview with legendary artist and inker Mark Farmer from last year’s show....

28th Oct2016

Episode 216 – Black Heroes Matter: Jon Daniel & Noel Clarke!

With Jon Daniel & Noel Clarke …   On an all-new podcast, Chris hosts a discussion with Jon Daniel (Afro Supa Hero) and special video guest Noel...

21st Oct2016

Episode 215 – Ben Oliver: A Background in Comics!

With Ben Oliver …   This week I present my discussion with illustrator Ben Oliver from the recent NICE convention in Bedford.   Ben & I chat...

11th Oct2016

Episode 214 – To Hellboy & Back with Duncan Fegredo!

With Duncan Fegredo …   This week I present my discussion with the enigmatic Duncan Fegredo (Hellboy, MPH, Enigma) from the recent NICE convention in Bedford.  ...

04th Oct2016

Episode 213 – The Big Red One: A Spotlight on Terry Dodson!

With Terry Dodson …   On this latest episode I finally catch up for a chat with one of my favourite creators Terry Dodson (Red One, Muse,...

30th Sep2016

Episode 212 – Looking Back at DC’s Legends Mini-Series!

With Rob Deb & Legends …   It’s time for another back issue special as Rob Deb & I discuss the historic DC Comics’ mini-series Legends from...

27th Sep2016

Episode 211 – Sitting Down for a NICE Chat with (R.M.) Guera!

With r.m. Guera …   This week I present my chat with creator r.m. Guera (Scalped, The Goddamned) from the recent NICE convention in Bedford.   What...