27th Aug2012
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Episode 4 – with Eliza Frye, Sarah Becan & The 315!

With Eliza Frye, Sarah Becan & The 315 …   This episode continues my aural adventures at San Diego Comic-Con 2012.   First up, I chat with...

13th Aug2012
PCH podcast SDCC banner

Episode 3 – with Ales Kot from Wild Children & Change!

With Ales Kot …   In this episode, I chat with creator Ales Kot about his life and inspirations (both in and out of comics) as well...

14th Jul2012
PCH podcast SDCC banner

Episode 2 – How To Get News Coverage panel from SDCC 2012!

Welcome to a special episode of the Pop Culture Hound podcast, recorded live at the How To Get News Coverage panel at San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC)...

12th Jul2012
SDCC Preview Night 2012 banner

SDCC 2012 – One Man’s Preview Night (July 11, 2012)

It’s been six years since I started coming to SDCC and I still find Preview Night to be a strange experience. The convention hasn’t started in earnest,...

04th Jul2012
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Episode 1 – It Begins!

Welcome to the first episode of the Pop Culture Hound podcast with Chris Thompson (@popculturehound) & Taylor Lilley (@capelessT) from The Orbiting Pod podcast. In this first episode,...

28th Jun2012
Monthly Comic Books banner

Apologetics 101 – In Defense Of The Monthly Comic Book

It was barely five years ago that the argument about single issues versus trades really swung into gear. It was being touted as the death of comic...

06th Feb2012
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Video – More Moore To Benefit Pekar

I’m a big supporter of the Kickstarter model. While I think it’s important to support your local comic shop (and will stand by that point of view...

06th Feb2012
Kerry Callen banner 2

Linktastic – More Animated Comic Covers By Kerry Callen

Halo & Sprocket creator Kerry Callen has done it again – and this time he’s turned his sights on something a bit more modern! You may remember Callen’s...

06th Dec2011
Killjoy banner

Small Press – Killjoy #1 by Robert Brown

I have to thank Camila at Orbital Comics for pointing this one out to me. I wasn’t at all familiar with Robert Brown’s work, but his new...

03rd Dec2011
Kerry Callenl banner

Linktastic – Classic Marvel & DC Covers Get Animated

Halo & Sprocket creator Kerry Callen has come up with a clever new twist on some classic Marvel & DC covers. Credit goes to Chris Muscat from...