13th Feb2013
PCH podcast Episode 27 banner

Episode 27 – Telling Stories with Bill Willingham!

With Bill Willingham …   It’s a big episode this week, so don’t say we didn’t warn you … First up, Taylor & I take a look...

06th Feb2013
PCH podcast Episode 26 banner

Episode 26 – Hanging with Michel Fiffe & Christopher Sebela!

With Michel Fiffe & Chris Sebela …   Occasionally we miss stuff first time around (I know! We’re as shocked as you are), so this week Taylor...

31st Jan2013
Sloane Leong banner

Comics Commentary – Sloane Leong’s Prophet #33 Back-Up

When Chris invited me to do a guest post on my Prophet #33 backup (which you can read here: sloanesloane.com/labyrinth.html) I thought ‘well that’s easy enough, I’ll...

30th Jan2013
PCH podcast Episode 25 banner

Episode 25 – Raging with Tom Morello & Matt Miner!

With Tom Morello & Matt Miner …   This week Taylor & I have an in-depth discussion about Dark Horse Comics’ Orchid, which reaches its stunning conclusion...

26th Jan2013

American Nature: Yo Dip, Tu Dip, Nosotros Dip!

American Nature Comics runs monthly as a backup in HOAX HUNTERS (Image Comics) DAVE: To me everything American Nature started with Beef Jams and Beef Jams began...

23rd Jan2013
PCH podcast Episode 24 banner

Episode 24 – Getting Ugly with Ken Kristensen & Ryan Estrada!

With Ken Kristensen & Ryan Estrada …   Marvel Now! ends on a high (at least for us) with Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers #1,...

16th Jan2013
PCH podcast Episode 23 banner

Episode 23 – Ghosthunting with Frank Barbiere!

With Frank Barbiere …   It’s time for a savage review this week as we look at Frank Cho’s return to Marvel with Savage Wolverine #1. Did...

13th Jan2013

Comics Commentary – Daniel Irizarri’s Prophet #32 Back-Up

Hello, I’m pretty certain none of you know me. My name is Daniel Irizarri and I’m here because Chris Thompson very graciously asked me to write something...

09th Jan2013
PCH podcast banner

Episode 22 – Vacationing with Christian Ward!

With Christian Ward …   This week Taylor and I are joined live in the studio by a very special guest, but first we take some time...

02nd Jan2013
PCH podcast Malta CC banner

Episode 21 – Christmas with Emma Ríos & Guillermo Ortego!

With Emma Rios & Guillermo Ortego …   Although our look at Marvel Now! may be winding down, this week Taylor and I have the hotly anticipated...