27th Feb2013
PCH podcast Episode 29 banner

Episode 29 – Symbiosis with Steven Sanders & Melksham Comic Con!

With Steve Sanders & Hayley Spencer …   It’s a slightly shorter episode this week as we recover from the wonders of London Super Comic Convention. I...

20th Feb2013
PCH podcast Episode 28 banner

Episode 28 – Kickstart Your Art with Ryan Browne!

With Ryan Browne …   Before diving into our interview with God Hates Astronauts‘ Ryan Browne, Taylor & I take a look at some of this week’s...

13th Feb2013
PCH podcast Episode 27 banner

Episode 27 – Telling Stories with Bill Willingham!

With Bill Willingham …   It’s a big episode this week, so don’t say we didn’t warn you … First up, Taylor & I take a look...

06th Feb2013
PCH podcast Episode 26 banner

Episode 26 – Hanging with Michel Fiffe & Christopher Sebela!

With Michel Fiffe & Chris Sebela …   Occasionally we miss stuff first time around (I know! We’re as shocked as you are), so this week Taylor...

31st Jan2013
Sloane Leong banner

Comics Commentary – Sloane Leong’s Prophet #33 Back-Up

When Chris invited me to do a guest post on my Prophet #33 backup (which you can read here: sloanesloane.com/labyrinth.html) I thought ‘well that’s easy enough, I’ll...

30th Jan2013
PCH podcast Episode 25 banner

Episode 25 – Raging with Tom Morello & Matt Miner!

With Tom Morello & Matt Miner …   This week Taylor & I have an in-depth discussion about Dark Horse Comics’ Orchid, which reaches its stunning conclusion...

26th Jan2013

American Nature: Yo Dip, Tu Dip, Nosotros Dip!

American Nature Comics runs monthly as a backup in HOAX HUNTERS (Image Comics) DAVE: To me everything American Nature started with Beef Jams and Beef Jams began...

23rd Jan2013
PCH podcast Episode 24 banner

Episode 24 – Getting Ugly with Ken Kristensen & Ryan Estrada!

With Ken Kristensen & Ryan Estrada …   Marvel Now! ends on a high (at least for us) with Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers #1,...

16th Jan2013
PCH podcast Episode 23 banner

Episode 23 – Ghosthunting with Frank Barbiere!

With Frank Barbiere …   It’s time for a savage review this week as we look at Frank Cho’s return to Marvel with Savage Wolverine #1. Did...

13th Jan2013

Comics Commentary – Daniel Irizarri’s Prophet #32 Back-Up

Hello, I’m pretty certain none of you know me. My name is Daniel Irizarri and I’m here because Chris Thompson very graciously asked me to write something...