22nd May2013
PCH podcast Episode 41 banner

Episode 41 – Rocking Out with the Subatomic Party Girls!

With Chris Sims, Chad Bowers & Erica Henderson …   This week Taylor & I tackle three exciting new books, each with their own unique flavour. First...

15th May2013
PCH podcast Episode 40 banner

Episode 40 – Telling Stories with Gabriel Hardman!

With Gabriel Hardman …   There’s a trifecta of great titles for Taylor & I to look at this week, plus one very special mention. First up,...

09th May2013
PCH podcast Episode 39 banner

Episode 39 – Ales Kot & John Ostrander Talk Suicide Squad!

With Ales Kot & John Ostrander …   In a very special episode of the Pop Culture Hound podcast, I’m joined by the legendary John Ostrander and...

01st May2013
PCH podcast Episode 38 banner

Episode 38 – Facing The Unknown with Fabian Rangel Jr!

With Fabian Rangel Jr …   It’s a great start to the week as Taylor & I break open James Tynion IV & Jeremy Rock’s The Eighth...

24th Apr2013
PCH podcast Episode 37 banner

Episode 37 – Taking Flight with Kurtis Wiebe!

With Kurtis Wiebe …   This week Taylor & I turn our attention to the highly-anticipated Jupiter’s Legacy from Image Comics. Will this be Mark Millar, Frank...

17th Apr2013
PCH podcast Episode 36 banner

Episode 36 – Facing Danger with Landry Walker & Eric Jones!

With Landry Walker & Eric Jones …   This week Taylor & I celebrate the long-overdue release of Landry Walker, Eric Jones & Rusty Drake’s Danger Club...

10th Apr2013
PCH podcast Episode 35 banner

Episode 35 – Going To The Maximum with Bob Fingerman!

With Bob Fingerman …   This week Taylor and I contemplate our mortality as we reach ‘middle-age’ with Episode 35. Instead we choose to focus on exciting...

03rd Apr2013
PCH podcast Episode 34 banner

Episode 34 – Basking In The Glory of Joe Keatinge!

With Joe Keatinge …   It’s one of the saddest and most poignant episodes so far as Taylor & I say farewell to Joe Keatinge, Ross Campbell...

28th Mar2013
PCH podcast Episode 33 banner

Episode 33 – Going Undercover with Marcos Martin!

With Marcos Martin …   Things are back to normal as Taylor and I are reunited in the studio to discuss three exciting new releases this week:...

22nd Mar2013

Comics Commentary – Paul Allor & Thomas Boatwright’s Orc Girl

Orc Girl is available digitally and in print from Challenger Comics: readchallenger.com. PAUL: So, many thanks to Chris for inviting Thomas Boatwright and I to provide commentary...