26th Jun2013
PCH podcast Episode 46 banner

Episode 46 – Things Get Massive with Brian Wood!

With Brian Wood …   This week Taylor & I go in-depth with three new, and very distinct, books. First up we tackle Adam Egypt Mortimer &...

19th Jun2013
PCH podcast Episode 45 banner

Episode 45 – Where Music & Comics Meet with Gerard Way!

With Gerard Way …   Gerard Way joins me in conversation for a very special episode of the Pop Culture Hound podcast … But first Taylor &...

12th Jun2013
PCH podcast Episode 44 banner

Episode 44 – Getting Mired Down with Becky Cloonan!

With Becky Cloonan …   Taylor & I continue our look at this year’s Eisner nominees with a focus on the self-published work of Becky Cloonan. Becky...

06th Jun2013
PCH podcast Episode 43 banner

Episode 43 – Behold a Dark Horse with Scott Allie!

With Scott Allie …   It’s a slightly shorter episode this week as I’ve just returned from the amazing 2D Comic Arts Festival in Derry, Northern Ireland....

29th May2013
PCH podcast Episode 42 banner

Episode 42 – The Meaning of Life with Matt Rebholz!

With Matt Rebholz …   This week Taylor & I go for the trifecta once again with another three new, and very different, books. First up we...

22nd May2013
PCH podcast Episode 41 banner

Episode 41 – Rocking Out with the Subatomic Party Girls!

With Chris Sims, Chad Bowers & Erica Henderson …   This week Taylor & I tackle three exciting new books, each with their own unique flavour. First...

15th May2013
PCH podcast Episode 40 banner

Episode 40 – Telling Stories with Gabriel Hardman!

With Gabriel Hardman …   There’s a trifecta of great titles for Taylor & I to look at this week, plus one very special mention. First up,...

09th May2013
PCH podcast Episode 39 banner

Episode 39 – Ales Kot & John Ostrander Talk Suicide Squad!

With Ales Kot & John Ostrander …   In a very special episode of the Pop Culture Hound podcast, I’m joined by the legendary John Ostrander and...

01st May2013
PCH podcast Episode 38 banner

Episode 38 – Facing The Unknown with Fabian Rangel Jr!

With Fabian Rangel Jr …   It’s a great start to the week as Taylor & I break open James Tynion IV & Jeremy Rock’s The Eighth...

24th Apr2013
PCH podcast Episode 37 banner

Episode 37 – Taking Flight with Kurtis Wiebe!

With Kurtis Wiebe …   This week Taylor & I turn our attention to the highly-anticipated Jupiter’s Legacy from Image Comics. Will this be Mark Millar, Frank...