02nd Apr2015

PCH @ The Movies – Cheatin’ with Bill Plympton!

With Bill Plympton, creator of Cheatin’ …   After my last film-based podcast with noted director/comicker Marjane Satrapi about The Voices (which you can still listen to...

30th Mar2015

Episode 123 – The Real/Fake Geeks Debut with a Boom!

With Maria Norris …   After last week’s episode with Nick Roche & Scott McCloud, this time I’m back with a brand new segment we’re calling The...

23rd Mar2015

Episode 122 – In Conversation with Nick Roche & Scott McCloud!

With Nick Roche & Scott McCloud …   After last week’s chat with Descender‘s Dustin Nguyen, followed by Beast Wagon‘s Owen Johnson & John Pearson, this time...

20th Mar2015

PCH @ The Movies – The Voices with Marjane Satrapi!

With Marjane Satrapi, director of The Voices …   Following on from my last film-based podcast with Ira Sachs discussing his wonderful new film Love Is Strange...

17th Mar2015

Episode 121 – In Conversation with Dustin Nguyen & more!

With Dustgin Nguyen, Owen Johnson & John Pearson …   After last week’s Angoulême BD Festival special, this time I’m back with the incredible Dustin Nguyen to...

11th Mar2015

Episode 120 – With Georgia Webber & Breakdown Press!

With Georgia Webber & Breakdown Press …   As a follow-up to our memories of Angoulême (which you can still listen to here), we continue our coverage...

05th Mar2015

Episode 119 – In Conversation About Angoulême BD Festival!

With Karl Asaa & Paul Gravett …   Following on from last week’s inspirational duo of Sepideh Jodeyri & Miss Lasko-Gross, this week I’m joined by Karl...

26th Feb2015

Episode 118 – With Sepideh Jodeyri & Miss Lasko-Gross!

With Sepideh Jodeyri & Miss Lasko-Gross …   After last week’s chat with Dave Gibbons (which you can still listen to here), this time I shine the...

19th Feb2015

Episode 117 – In Conversation with Dave Gibbons!

With Dave Gibbons …   Following on from last week’s show with Kurtis Wiebe and friends, this time I’m back with Comics Laureate and all-round good guy...

16th Feb2015

PCH @ The Movies – Love Is Strange with Ira Sachs!

With Ira Sachs, director of Love Is Strange …   After my most recent film-based podcast with Sarah Snook to discuss her role in the mind-bending sci-fi...