01st Jul2015

Director’s Commentary – Mike Carey on The Unwritten!

With Mike Carey …   Last month Mike Carey took to the stage for a guided tour through the oversized finale of his epic series, The Unwritten....

24th Jun2015

Episode 135 – The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?

With Jon Schnepp & Holly K. Payne …   Following on from last week’s chat at the pub with Black Mask Studio’s Matthew Rosenberg, this week I’m...

19th Jun2015

Episode 134 – In Conversation with Matthew Rosenberg!

With Matthew Rosenberg …   After last week’s chat with Injection‘s Declan Shalvey, this week I’m back with writer & Black Mask PR guru Matthew Rosenberg (We...

05th Jun2015

Episode 133 – In Conversation with Declan Shalvey!

With Declan Shalvey …   Following on from last week’s episode with Jason Latour, this week I’m back with Declan Shalvey (Deadpool, Moon Knight, Injection) for the...

29th May2015

Episode 132 – In Conversation with Jason Latour!

With Jason Latour …   After last week’s episode with writer Ron Marz, I find myself back at the pub once again to chat with Jason Latour...

19th May2015

Episode 131 – In Conversation with Ron Marz!

With Ron Marz …   Following on from last week’s episode with Fabio Moon, I’m back at the pub again to chat with one of my favourite...

14th May2015

Episode 130 – In Conversation with Fabio Moon!

With Fabio Moon …   After last week’s thorough dissection of Secret Wars and all things Marvel with The Real/Fake Geeks, this time I’m back at the...

04th May2015

Episode 129 – The Real/Fake Geeks Tackle Secret Wars!

With Maria Norris & Secret Wars …   Following on from the recent chaos of Nick Marino & Daniel Arruda Massa, this week I’m back with Maria...

29th Apr2015

Episode 128 – Holy F*ck … It’s THOSE Guys!

With Nick Marino, Daniel Arruda Massa & Tom Gunning …   After last week’s London Super Comic Con Special, this time I’m back with Nick Marino &...

26th Apr2015

Episode 127 – Live from London Super Comic Con 2015!

Live from London Super Comic Con …   Following on from last week’s tribute to my good friend Herb Trimpe, this time I’m back with a series...