19th Aug2015

Episode 144 – Doctor Who Comics Day Discussion Panel!

With the Doctor Who writers …   Hello and welcome to Orbital In Conversation – the podcast of Orbital Comics in central London! We’re very excited to...

14th Aug2015

Episode 143 – In Conversation with Steve Orlando at SDCC!

With Steve Orlando at SDCC …   On this week’s show, I’m joined by James & Liz for a wine-tasting under the guidance of writer Steve Orlando...

08th Aug2015

Episode 142 – Action Lab Roundtable Discussion at SDCC!

With Nick Marino, Daniel Arruda Massa, Josh Henaman & friends …   After last week’s jam-packed show with Matt Hawkins, Andres Salazar and Christian Beranek, this time...

04th Aug2015

Episode 141 – Matt Hawkins, Andres Salazar & Christian Beranek!

With Matt Hawkins, Andres Salazar & Christian Beranek …   Following last week’s SDCC extravaganza with Nick & Zack Keller, Chris Emgard, Man Vs. Rock, Phil Kim...

29th Jul2015

Episode 140 – Nick & Zack Keller, Chris Emgard & many more!

With Nick & Zack Keller, Chris Emgard, Man Vs. Rock, Phil Kim & Jason Lenzi …   After last week’s SDCC round-up with James, Liz & Karl,...

22nd Jul2015

Episode 139 – Looking Back at SDCC 2015 with James & Liz!

With James, Liz & Karl from Orbital Comics …   Following on from last week’s chat with Skottie Young at SDCC, this time I’m back with James...

16th Jul2015

Episode 138 – In Conversation with Skottie Young at SDCC!

With Skottie Young at SDCC …   After last week’s Ant-Man review, plus the Traditional vs. Digital Art panel from NICE convention, this week I’m back with...

12th Jul2015

Director’s Commentary – Becky Cloonan on Gotham Academy!

With Becky Cloonan …   In our latest commentary, Becky Cloonan takes us through Gotham Academy – sharing stories, revealing secrets, and giving the kind of insight...

08th Jul2015

Episode 137 – Ant-Man Review plus Traditional vs. Digital Art!

With Ant-Man, Adi Granov, Dave Kendall & Guillermo Ortego …   Following on from last week’s chat with Charlie Adlard, this week I’m back with an early...

03rd Jul2015

Episode 136 – In Conversation with Charlie Adlard!

With Charlie Adlard …   After last week’s chat with Jon Schnepp & Holly Payne about their new documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, this...