16th Oct2015

Episode 152 – A Taste of Space Dumplins with Craig Thompson!

With Craig Thompson …   This week I chat with my near-namesake Craig Thompson about his new all-ages graphic novel Space Dumplins. In addition to geeking out...

09th Oct2015

Episode 151 – A Meeting of Oddfellows with Jack Logan!

With Jack Logan …   After last week’s landmark 150th episode with Fight Club 2‘s Chuck Palahniuk, I’ve stripped things back for a somewhat more personal show...

02nd Oct2015

Episode 150 – Talking Fight Club with Chuck Palahniuk!

With Chuck Palahniuk …   For Episode 150 I’ve pulled out all the stops to get Fight Club 2‘s Chuck Palahniuk on the show to talk about...

25th Sep2015

Episode 149 – To Infinity & Beyond with Alan Davis!

With Alan Davis …   Last weekend I had the opportunity to host at the annual N.I.C.E. convention in Bedford, so here is my interview with legendary...

21st Sep2015

Episode 148 – Return To Oz with Skottie Young!

With Skottie Young …   Returning to the traditional model of Skype interviews, I pick up my conversation with writer/artist Skottie Young (Rocket Raccoon, Giant-Size Little Marvel:...

11th Sep2015

Director’s Commentary – Mark Buckingham on Fairest!

With Mark Buckingham …   In our latest commentary, Mark Buckingham takes us on a guided tour through the creation of the final Fairest story arc (collected...

07th Sep2015

Episode 147 – In Conversation with Rachael Stott & Jessica Martin!

With Rachael Stott & Jessica Martin …   On this episode, I go to the pub with rising star Rachael Stott (Star Trek, Doctor Who) to discuss...

28th Aug2015

Episode 146 – In Conversation with Mark Buckingham!

With Mark Buckingham …   On this episode, I sit down for a chat with writer/artist Mark Buckingham (Fables, Fairest, Miracleman). We discuss his early work as...

26th Aug2015

Director’s Commentary – Chip Zdarsky on Howard The Duck!

With Chip Zdarsky …   In our latest commentary, Chip Zdarsky takes us through Howard The Duck – sharing stories, revealing secrets, and giving the kind of...

21st Aug2015

Episode 145 – In Conversation with Jay Faerber!

With Jay Faerber …   On this episode, I head to the pub with writer Jay Faerber (Copperhead, Noble Causes, Near Death) to discuss the ins-and-outs of...