18th Dec2015

Episode 164 – Pledging to Star Wars & Beyond with Jock!

With Jock …   To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we present Chris’ chat with concept artist Jock (Dredd, Batman, Wytches) at the...

15th Dec2015

Episode 163 – Snapshots of a Book with Beldan Sezen!

With Beldan Sezen …   This week Chris conducts a live Q&A with Beldan Sezen about her latest book, Snapshots of a Girl, from Arsenal Pulp Press....

11th Dec2015

Episode 162 – Weathering The Storm with Doug Braithwaite!

With Doug Braithwaite …   This week’s show features Chris in conversation with artist Doug Braithwaite at the recent NICE convention in Bedford. They delve into Doug’s...

08th Dec2015

Episode 161 – Come What Mae with Gene Ha!

With Gene Ha …   On this latest episode Chris chats with writer/artist Gene Ha at the recent NICE convention in Bedford. They look back over Gene’s...

04th Dec2015

Episode 160 – What The Huck? with Mark Millar!

With Mark Millar …   This time around Chris chats with Mark Millar about his latest Millarworld project, Huck. They discuss Mark’s early work on fanzines, how...

01st Dec2015

Episode 159 – Getting Thorny with David Baillie & Meghan Hetrick!

With David Baillie & Meghan Hetrick …   On today’s show Chris chats with David Baillie & Meghan Hetrick about their new DC/Vertigo Comics series, Red Thorn....

27th Nov2015

Episode 158 – The Dark Knight Returns, Strikes Back & More!

With Adam Sherif & Owen Michael Johnson …   On this week’s show, Chris teams up with his old pals Adam Sherif & Owen Johnson to take...

20th Nov2015

Episode 157 – Limbo at the Library with Dan & Caspar!

With Dan Watters & Caspar Wijngaard …   On this week’s show Chris chats with creators Dan Watters & Caspar Wijngaard about their new Image Comics’ series...

13th Nov2015

Episode 156 – Live from The Lakes with Darwyn Cooke!

With Darwyn Cooke …   This week Chris chats with writer/artist Darwyn Cooke (DC: The New Frontier, Parker, The Twilight Children) at The Lakes International Comic Art...

06th Nov2015

Episode 155 – Defend Comics with Khary Randolph & Friends!

With Khary Randolph & friends …   This week we present a special episode recorded at Orbital Comics in conjunction with Brooklyn Brewery. To celebrate the launch...