25th Nov2011

How Do You Spend Your First Day In Malta When It Rains?

by Chris Thompson

That’s a pretty good question … When the famously sunny country turns on the waterworks you have one of two choices: tough it out and hit the streets or stay in your hotel room and mourn your losses. Of course, if you’re British – and you’re into comics – then there’s always a third option. Sit around the lobby and chat before heading out for a drink – which is exactly what we did.
With sight-seeing off the agenda, we spent our morning downstairs chatting with David Lloyd, Jon Haward, Gary Erskine and his wife Mhairi about malaria, education, rollergirls, and other things associated with comics (really). We then headed out for a leisurely lunch with David and Jon, complete with wine, scotch, lager, and just a bit of food too.

We heard some fantastic stories over the course of the day – some of which we can tell you and others which we can’t – while having a great time with these incredible creative talents. I was quite happy to share a bottle of Maltese Falcon Merlot with David Lloyd, while Taylor matched pints of local beer Cisk with Jon Haward. Take that rain – it’s been a great day so far and it’s only 5pm!
Tonight we head down to the convention venue, St James Cavalier in Valletta, for some last-minute preparations followed by dinner and drinks with all the guests. The convention hasn’t even started, but everyone’s in full swing already … Looks like it’s going to be fun! You can check out some of Jon’s work at www.jonhawardart.com and visit David’s website at lforlloyd.com.


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