25th Jul2013

Episode 49 – SDCC 2013: Koike, Corey Taylor, JR & The 315!

by Chris Thompson

With Kazuo Koike, Corey Taylor, Julian [JR] Robinson & The 315 …
I’ve just returned from the madness that is San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), and that can only mean one thing … interviews! Now I must warn you – most of this stuff is raw and unedited – but there’s some great discussions which really capture the vibe of the convention and surrounding areas. First up I chat with legendary gensakusha and creator of Lone Wolf & Cub, Kazuo Koike. Although our time together was brief, and we had to speak through an interpreter, it was a great honour that I’ll never forget.
Thanks to Dark Horse Comics I also spoke with Slipknot & Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor about his recent House Of Gold & Bones comic. Released as an accompaniment to the latest Stone Sour album, the book tells the story of The Human and his quest to find the Red City. Pop Culture Hound is fast becoming the home to those who produce music and comics, so it was a real treat … Maybe I need to chat with Max Bemis next?
After that I caught up with a few good friends of the podcast. One of the big surprises was finally meeting Julian [JR] Robinson, the super-talented creator of webcomic Demon Kings (which we’ve discussed on the show before). JR’s work is fantastic and he’s a really slick dude … And I’m not just saying that because he complimented my accent.
Finally I caught up with those crazy lads from The Three One Five (315). Last year I interviewed Matt Heistand and Dan Fifield at SDCC, but this year Evin Dempsey was determined not to miss out. We had a great and very honest discussion about what it’s like breaking into the industry, and what’s been happening with them over the past year. If you haven’t checked out their weekly webcomic, Deep Dive Daredevils, then I highly recommend it.
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