20th Mar2013

Episode 32 – Adventure Time with Michael DeForge!

by Chris Thompson

With Michael DeForge …
It’s my final week of broadcasting from ‘The Village’ (aka Portmeirion), so Taylor and I celebrate by looking at Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko‘s new Star Wars: Legacy and Eric Grissom & Phil Sloan‘s Deadhorse TPB.
Taylor also chats with Toronto-based cartoonist, Michael DeForge, about his work in comics, his inspirations, and how he ended up working on the hit cartoon series, Adventure Time. It’s an amazing glimpse into the mind of an artist whose unique work caught the eye of Cartoon Network.
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Taylor Lilley Twitter: @capelessT
Deadhorse Comic’s Twitter: @deadhorsecomic
Deadhorse Comic’s website: www.deadhorsecomic.com
Michael DeForge’s Twitter: @michael_deforge
Michael DeForge’s website: www.kingtrash.com

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  • Michael DeForge | Impossible Books says:

    […] Michael DeForge‘s art appeared before me at a point where I was looking for something new, and made me feel like a comics beginner again. Although he’d been publishing his Lose one-man anthology for some time at that point, the work that hooked me was Ant Comic. The colours, the layouts, the strange world of the colony with its rules and rituals, the Goya-esque battle scene between black ants and red ants, all of this was unlike anything I’d seen before, and I was lucky enough to talk with Michael about this story and his work in general on the Pop CultureHound podcast. […]