20th Jun2017

Episode 250 – Greg Ruth: Call of the Meadowlark!

by Chris Thompson

With Greg Ruth …
Well, it’s come to this … After 250 episodes, numerous specials, and various side-trips, Chris is taking an extended break – but, before he does, there’s time for one last chat with his friend and old favourite, Greg Ruth (INDEH, The Lost Boy, Sudden Gravity).
Chris & Greg discuss what life has been like in the wake of INDEH, how time has become more of a factor in picking projects, what people can expect of his next collaboration with Ethan Hawke, and delve into the wonder of new Twin Peaks. It’s a long and winding road, but well worth the journey for those who stay the course.
You can listen to our previous chat (Episode 200) with Ethan Hawke here: popculturehound.net/episode-200-indeh-with-ethan-hawke-greg-ruth.
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Greg has been a regular on the show over the years, and you can listen to our previous discussions here, here, and here: popculturehound.net/episode-104-coming-home-talking-indeh-with-greg-ruth.
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