19th Feb2015

Episode 117 – In Conversation with Dave Gibbons!

by Chris Thompson

With Dave Gibbons …
Following on from last week’s show with Kurtis Wiebe and friends, this time I’m back with Comics Laureate and all-round good guy Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, Green Lantern, Kingsman: The Secret Service).
Dave and I met up in his home studio for an exhaustive (though hopefully not exhausting) look back at his career so far – leading up to the release of the new Kingsman graphic novel/film with Mark Millar & Matthew Vaughn.
We discuss how he started out in comics, his days as a real-life superhero with Tornado, the ways in which Watchmen & Kingsman have differed for him, and what people can expect from his role as Comics Laureate for the newly established CLAw (Comics Literacy Awareness) charity.
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You can hear my previous interview with Dave Gibbons and Marvel Comics’ legend Herb Trimpe here:
And listen to Scott McCloud presenting Dave Gibbons with the inaugural Comics Laureate award here:
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