05th Mar2015

Episode 119 – In Conversation About Angoulême BD Festival!

With Karl Asaa & Paul Gravett …   Following on from last Orbital in Conversation with the inspirational duo of Sepideh Jodeyri & Miss Lasko-Gross (which you...

26th Feb2015

Episode 118 – With Sepideh Jodeyri & Miss Lasko-Gross!

With Sepideh Jodeyri & Miss Lasko-Gross …   After last week’s chat with Dave Gibbons (which you can still listen to here), this time I shine the...

19th Feb2015

Episode 117 – In Conversation with Dave Gibbons!

With Dave Gibbons …   Following on from last week’s debut of the retitled Orbital in Conversation (OiC) podcast featuring Kurtis Wiebe and friends (which you can...

16th Feb2015

PCH @ The Movies – Love Is Strange with Ira Sachs!

With Ira Sachs, director of Love Is Strange …   After my most recent film-based podcast with Sarah Snook to discuss her role in the mind-bending sci-fi...

13th Feb2015

Episode 116 – In Conversation with Kurtis Wiebe & Friends!

With Kurtis Wiebe & Friends …   Hello and welcome to the first episode of the retitled Orbital in Conversation (OiC) podcast! To find out more about...

13th Feb2015

Ch-Ch-Changes – or What’s Going On With PCH These Days?

When I first started Pop Culture Hound in late 2009, I had no idea what it would ultimately become. I had delusions of grandeur (as many did)...

12th Feb2015

PCH @ The Movies – Predestination with Sarah Snook!

With Sarah Snook of Predestination …   Following on from my last film-based podcast with Charlie Lyne to discuss Beyond Clueless (which you can still listen to...

31st Jan2015

Episode 115 – Chatting with Mast, Dayglo, Dialynas & Walta!

With JL Mast, Rufus Dayglo, Mike Dialynas & Gabriel Hernandez Walta …   Following on from last episode with Doctor Who‘s Mike Collins (which you can still...

28th Jan2015

Episode 114 – Doctoring Who with Mike Collins!

With Mike Collins …   After last episode with the amazing Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko (which you can still listen to here), I’m back again with...

25th Jan2015

Episode 113 – Meeting Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko!

With Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko …   Following on from last episode with Leah Moore & John Reppion discussing Electricomics (which you can still listen to...